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Emma Phillips is a not only the first ever foot juggler to come out of New Zealand but she is also one of the only Western artists to perform Chinese style foot juggling in the world. 


Emma has spent over two and a half years training at two of the most prestigious schools in China, the Beijing International Arts School and the Wuqiao Acrobatics School, where she was taught the traditional art of foot juggling by China's finest. 


With her knowledge of traditional Chinese artistry, her extensive background in dance and love for vaudeville entertainment of the 1920s-30s Emma has created a truly unique and high class act.  


She is also the first performer in the world to combine umbrella and table juggling in the same act, a feat that even the Chinese told her would be impossible.  

The contrast between the delicate manipulation of multiple umbrellas with the  pure strength and power of juggling a table with her feet is incredibly thrilling to audiences and a great way to add excitement to any show.

Also trained in contortion and aerials Emma uses her strong dance background to create elegant and graceful acts on the ground or in the air.

Emma is incredibly creative with choreography, music and style  and can create an original act to suit your particular theme or event.  

All costumes, props and styling are designed and made completely by Emma herself. 



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