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Foot Juggling Technical specifications

Minimum working height for full act - 5m. (Act can be adjusted for smaller venues)

Stage space/floor area 2m x 2m


Need assistant or stagehand availible to lift table during act.


All props including table pack up into convienient and compact travel case on wheels,

Case measures 85cm length x 85cm width x 25cm depth, and weighs 30kgs.

Props case can be easily transported as an extra piece of luggage on flight or shipped.


Aerial Hoop Technical specifications

Minimum Height 4mtrs/Single point off beam or truss Possible with and without pulling mechanic. Beam or Truss must be able to sustain a minimum of 1000 lbs or 500 kg (Idealy 1ton and 0.5m clearance at rigging point  from lighting etc. 2mtr clearance from  other obstacles on floor.  Rigger required or access via ladder, cherry picker or talloscope with operator or similar for artist to rig her own apparatus


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